Electric Elf

The 1st Levcard ever made. Residing in the Dandy Candy Dimension, Electric Elf is both a conscious being and a building who generates an unyielding amount of energy that gives birth to and sustains his dancing lollipop underlings.


In his natural state of drunken red hot fury, Whyno spends his days headbutting wine barrels to get his fix of “the good stuff” in order to replenish the vital energy he needs to keep doing more of the same.


A gangsterish bugman with a penchant from scheming and screwing people over.


Neither a man, nor a pig, but a conglomeration of two spirits.


Trigalows seek the blue gel that Pigalow produces.


Bouncing around in a state of perpetual fear, Hornsbin was doomed from the start to wander while between the jaws of the evil Framr.


A demonic entity reborn from fire who is able to exert psychic control over spiky balls that are said to be made out of igneous rock which hardened from the lava that Hornsbee was able to psychically manipulate.


Hefeldunt is a cyborg constructed by the Elephentals to help with manual labor but also engage in scratching their backs and giving them massages with words of encouragement thrown in.

Etherman F

The ethereal god of burning. Loved by all for his hot energy as well as his barbecuing skills. Sets the example for the other ethermen inspiring a fiery red hot passion in the pursuit of glory.


When the spirits that were occupying the form of Punkin get scattered into the wind after Punkin explodes from too much pressure, some are picked up by Helicopster, a paragon of companionship journeying the skies in search of new friends.


A fractal super-entity that floats around the etheric heavens in a state of pure bliss.

Pomegranate Party

The “Pomegranate Party” takes place when the mustached Pomegranians terraform a barren Mouthplanet with their lifeseeds.